FLIR BHS-X Command 640


Product Description


Bi-Ocular Thermal Night Vision


The new FLIR BHS-X Series Bi-Ocular camera gives law enforcement officers the ability to see more and see farther in infrared than with other low-light night vision goggles. Featuring a full coverage eyepiece, inter-ocular adjustment, ergonomic comfort, straightforward controls, and the rivaled performance that only FLIR can deliver, the FLIR BHS-X Series Bi-Ocular is a must-have for extended patrols, covert surveillance, critical infrastructure protection, and high-threat security missions.

Bi-Ocular Resolution Options

Employing a 320×240 or 640×480 FLIR thermal imaging core with advanced image-processing algorithms, the FLIR H-Series Bi-Ocular provides crisp, clear thermal video day and night, and is the perfect addition to our field proven H-Series monocular camera line-up.

Powered by FLIR’s 640 × 480 core, the BHS-XR delivers greater range performance with crisp, clear 320 × 240 native resolution in the viewfinder AND while in the 2x digital e-zoom mode, plus an additional 4× digital e-zoom step to 160 × 120 resolution. Full 640 × 480 resolution imagery from the BHS-XR Series is also accessible via the “aux video” jack in the hot shoe.


The FLIR H-Series Bi-Ocular allows you to reveal hidden
suspects that are camouflaged regardless of lighting conditions

Bi-Ocular Lens Options

Customize thermal capability for mission-specific tasks with three lens options – 35mm, 65mm, or 100mm extended range. High-performance lenses are rapidly attached via integral quick disconnect mount.

The BHS-X Series can be ordered with different lenses. Longer lenses have a narrower field of view and allow you to see targets farther away. Lenses are interchangeable. The specific lens(es) you require for your application need to be specified at time of order.