Product Description

Take thermal to new heights with the FLIR Duo: a compact, lightweight, dual-sensor thermal and visible light imager designed for drones. The same size and shape as the most popular action cameras, Duo offers powerful features like on-board recording and real-time remote control of camera functions over PWM – plus MSX multi-spectral imaging enhancement. Duo also comes with a fully radiometric variant called Duo R that delivers accurate, calibrated temperature measurements in every pixel.

FLIR Duo Features
• Affordable Drone Thermal Imaging
• Radiometric Duo R
• Easy Installation
• Dual-sensor thermal and visible light color imaging in a compact action camera form factor.
• Duo R delivers accurate, calibrated non-contact temperature measurements in every pixel.
• Accepts 5-24VDC input power and outputs both analog and HDMI digital video.
• Easy Set-up & Configuration
• On-Board Recording
• PWM Control
• Mobile app (iOS and Android) and built-in Bluetooth makes camera set-up a snap.
• Records digital thermal and 1080p color video and stills to an on-board microSD card.

Configure and control the camera in the air with up to two PWM inputs.