Thermal Imaging and Advanced Security Solution Specialists

Thermal UAV Solutions

We offer tailor-made Thermal Imaging, NDVI and Visible image solutions using UAV Systems.

Thermal Inspection

Using Thermal Imaging we can identify issues not visible to the human eye.

Vehicle Solutions

We offer Installation, Servicing and Repairs of a wide range of all-round view Vehicle Camera Systems, Starlight and Thermal Pan,Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) Solutions.

Stock Theft Solutions

Combining PIR Sensors, Cameras and Geo-tagging stock, it’s not likely something will go unnoticed.

Solar Systems

From a simple backup power solution to beat load shedding to completely running a self sufficient lifestyle off the grid.

High end Camera Systems

When you need to keep an unobstructed eye on multiple operations.

Electrical Wholesaler

Visit our friendly staff in-store and compare our products in person for all your electrical needs.

Inhouse IT Department

Desktop support

Infrastructure Deployment

IOT Solutions

Remote Monitoring

Domain hosting & Website design


Active Directory

Microsoft Exchange

Database Management

API Integration

We’ve got you covered


Thermal Drone Night Vision

TDNV - We are a group of RC/Technology enthusiasts that managed to turn a hobby into a thriving business. With over 30 years of combined experience with thermal imaging, analysis and more than half a century of RC experience we are bound to find a solution.

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